helend mediumschap

It was in 2004 that Henk first came in contact with the “Great White Brotherhood” through a Medium in Stuttgart. From that moment on he has been connected with this and he has developed his life in a special way. His life story, his connection with Judith and the contact with the “Great White Brotherhood” are all written down in an open-hearted way in his book “Onderweg naar Meesterschap”.

In 2010 Henk and Judith met each other and start a dynamic peroid of connecting, cleansing, reconnecting and keeping this up till that all the emotional pains out of our lives were cleansed. The biggest act of love one can do is open yourself to work together on your emotional blockages. In spring 2017, our paths converged with Antoinette. Summer Judith left the company to work on her own.
We were as if brought together by a greater plan and now work together out of the energy of the Great white Brotherhood.

Video Houscleaning with subtitles



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